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Dan Vandon

Dan Vandon

Master of Laws

Male |BAD HOMBURG, Germany

Perfect Memory through Effective Reading and Note Taking Skills for Success in Exams

2 Mar

2009 02:00 PM (CST)

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About the class

About the class

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What is the difference between failure and success in exams?
How do some students secure more marks by spending less time studying?
Why can''t a hardworking student make the top grade in exams?

To understand why some students score better than others, we need to check the aptitude tested in examinations. Most examinations either test memory or critical reasoning skills. A significant portion of critical reasoning skills also depends on a students memory. Hence, a student with good memory will always do better than a student with average memory.

What is Memory?

Memory is something that is remembered. It is also linked with the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered or the power of retaining and recalling past experience.

How do students achieve Perfect Memory?

Mostly, students acquire skills to achieve perfect memory involuntarily and unconsciously.

Can I too achieve memory perfection?

Yes, you too can acquire perfect memory. The techniques to achieve perfect memory can be learned.

As a student, what do I need to focus on to achieve optimal memory?

Students prepare for examinations by reading books or taking notes from face-to-face/ online classroom environments. Hence, the secret to perfect memory for success in exams lies in dealing effectively with information presented in written format and effective note taking skills in the classroom situation.

How will this class be helpful?

You will learn to achieve perfect memory through effective reading and note taking skills for success in examinations by Dan Vandon - a renowned expert in coaching teachers, students and parents on memory techniques, examination success, reading skills, writing skills and stress management.

What will you learn in this class?

  • Effectively dealing with written word : Written languages focuses on words. One word follows another and it can be tempting as well as habitual to just follow the words, one by one by one ... next, next next. This is an unproductive reading habit. Instead, you should adapt your reading style to achieve a high return on investment [time, effort]. Learn more in this class on how to avoid falling into trap of just following the words and acquiring good reading techniques for perfect memory.
  • Effective note taking skills : Writing down every word the lecturer says does not necessarily ensure success in your exam. Adjusting the way you take notes can help you to boost your understanding and recall.

Who should attend this online class?
  • Students who deal with written material (=textbooks, articles etc) and/ or oral information (lectures) for their exam preparation
  • Students who need to both understand and memorize a lot of information
  • College students or those who study towards professional exams

How can I enroll and get started?
  • Register with WiZiQ [it is free],
  • Pay the nominal class fee,
  • Prepare your questions and any reading material you find difficult to grasp [optional]
  • For any questions post in the comment area or email us at support@wiziq.com

About the Host

Dan Vandon

Dan Vandon

Master of Laws

With a background in intellectual property law, Dan Vandon has earned law degrees in several countries, a chore that led to perfecting the tools and techniques presented in Red Rubber Duck’s Learning & Study Skill Guide. Red Rubber Duck'’s Learning & Study Skill Guide is Dan Vandon’s personal recipe for dealing with an overflow of information and mastering exams : challenges faced by students everywhere.
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